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The Top 5 Trades in the UK

The UK  is having a problem with a serious lack of trade skilled workers. The shortage of plumbers, builders, engineers, and a wide range of various professions, is an issue that can slow down the attempts of re-energising the economy. The lack of workers in main sectors has big consequences, starting with putting the projects on hold, and ending up with spending a fortune for workers that are in demand. Since the trades are in high demand in the UK, we have decided to make a list of the most wanted and best-payed trades.

Crane operator

Average salary: £35,458

Open jobs: 9,000

Almost every contractor requires a crane operator with a CPCS license. If you want to become a crane operator, you have to go on a two-week training course. There you will learn about the crane’s  properties and functions. The course will end with a theory and practical test. Three main test centers exist in the UK: Ritchie’s training center in Glasgow, Phoenix Training in Sheffield, and CITB in Kings Lynn. After getting the two years valid, red CPCS license, you must complete your NVQ in plant operations, and after that, you will get a five-year valid, blue competence card. Now you are a licensed crane operator, but in order to be able to renew the license, you must have 300 hours of work minimum and pass the health and safety touch screen test.

Aircraft maintenance and related trades

Average salary: £34,088

Open jobs: 15,000

If you want to work as an aircraft maintenance worker, you must have an EASA license, and there are two ways of getting it: the self-starter route and the EASA Part-147 approved course route.

In order to finish the self-starter route, you must study for the EASA examinations which are meant for the category of your desired license.  You ill take the exams at a licensed EASA examination center. The knowledge you will need to pass the exams can be found on the internet, but you can also take short courses. If you choose this way, you will need to have five years of experience of maintenance in the appropriate category of aircraft, pass all the exams, and only then can you apply for a license.

The EASA Part-147 approved course route. Part-147 approved courses take from 2 to 3 years to finish.  But, when you finish the course, only two years of maintenance experience are needed in order to apply to the CAA for your B License. Thanks to the fact that this is a worldwide, industry-recognised course, finding a job are much easier this way.

Rail construction and maintenance operatives

Average salary: £35,781

Open jobs: 12,000

Rail track maintenance workers are in charge of repairing and maintaining railway tracks, but also bridges, tunnels, and viaducts as well. If you are interested in a job that allows you to work outdoors, and you have good practical skills, this might be a career you are looking for.

In order to become a rail construction and maintenance operative, you need to have a good general standard of education, and that includes GCSEs in Maths and English. Furthermore, if you have experience in engineering, that will also be quite helpful.  Another way to get a job of this nature is by apprenticeships.


Average salary: £30,000

Open jobs: 30,000

Plumbers are in charge of fitting, servicing, and repairing hot and cold water systems, as well as heating systems in homes and stores. Plumbers are also qualified to work on gas fires and cookers. If you are looking for a job that offers diversity and makes good use of your practical skills, not to mention that you will be out all the time, this career might be just what you want. As a plumber, you have to be able to solve problems, follow technical plans, and possess good customer care skills.

If you want to become a qualified plumber, the UK plumbing courses that are industry-recognised are something you have to complete.


Average salary: £37,500

Open jobs: 10,000

If this is something that you are interested in, now is the perfect time to look into it. In the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) State of the Trade Survey businesses has reported employment growth in every quarter for the last 18 months, and it will only grow more with every quarter.

Even in the most successful sectors, businesses are becoming threatened by the lack of skilled trades workers and this is becoming a serious problem. Trades that are in deficit are:

  • Site Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Bricklayers
  • Carpenters
  • Joiners


Are Low-Cost Dental Clinics Worth the Risk?

The costs associated with dental care have risen by about twice the rate of inflation over the past years. Moreover, the number of Americans with dental insurance has decreased by 5.7% in 2010, leaving just about 45% with dental insurance.

low-cost-dental-clinicIf you cannot afford to go to the dentist, you should consider inexpensive alternatives such as low cost dental clinics. However, is it worth the risk? Is it safe to go to these dental clinics? The answer is yes. A lot of dentists actually offer services to people who do not have insurance. They also tend to operate on a sliding scale, which means that they set their rates based on your income. So, it is just like going to your regular dentist, but without paying the regular amount.

You can search for dentists that operate this way. Simply call the United Way branch in your area. The United Way is a group of charitable organizations that help local communities. You can also contact the dental association in your state. You can find their contact details on the American Dental Association (ADA) website.

In case you are not able to find a dentist that operates on a sliding scale or you still cannot afford the fees, you can get free dental services. There are free medical clinics that operate for the sake of people who have very low income.

A lot of governmental organizations also help uninsured and low-income individuals receive adequate dental attention. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), for instance, gives a list of low-cost dental providers that you can use.

discount-dental-planAnother way you can save money on dental care is to avail of a discount dental plan. You only have to pay a membership fee that is valid for one year. Then, you can take advantage of discounts that range from 15% to 60%. This can help you save a lot of money on dental costs if your dentist accepts your discount dental plan.

In addition, you can try dental schools. The American Dental Association and the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, for instance, offer good quality yet inexpensive dental treatment. Teaching facilities such as these usually have clinics that let dental students treat patients. It is a win-win for everybody.

The dental student gets to gain experience while the patient gets to benefit from low cost but good quality dental care. Do not worry because even though they are students, they are closely supervised by experienced and licensed dentists.